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Left Field Films consists of successful writers, directors, and producers with years of experience in commercials, television and film to provide a unique and forward thinking vision for brands. We team with brands, agencies and production companies to execute stories that represent the ethos of a brand in both mainstream media and social media. Our experienced and talented lineup enjoys strengthening the brand through emotional storytelling and building resilience. We help launch, guide and encourage brand strategy in the online universe and mainstream media. From Netflix, Spirit to Lands' End, our clients are pioneers that constantly demand original branded content and commercials to remain fresh. Left Field Films came from, well, Left Field, and we always strive to be different. 


10 Things About Founder Juddy Talt

  1. My father is the greatest storyteller I've ever known
  2. I was a late bloomer
  3. Swimming laps is the only way to overcome writer's block
  4. At 6'4, I'm a disgrace to my height
  5. Justin is my real name. Juddy came out of left field
  6. My dog, Stan, is a huge fan of my work
  7. Everyone who has an opinion deserves to be heard
  8. My favorite filmmaker is Bob Zemeckis
  9. A fiction, like all great stories, is rooted in truth
  10. I listen to "Take It Easy" by the Eagles before I shoot